PTP Course Application

Professional Training Program Application

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An Application Fee of $175 is required to process the application.
The fee covers the application administration and enrolment
interview (which will be scheduled upon receipt of payment).

The interview will cover your experience and assess your
preparedness for the emotionally demanding nature of the course.

In the format DD/MM/YYYY (01/01/2001)
Only required if you said 'No' for English Speaking Background
Address where you currently reside
Country of Residence
What are your reasons for pursuing this course of study and where do you see it taking you?
Highest level of education successfully completed
Your primary job or form of employment, or brief work history summary.
Your CV is required prior to the interview
Do you have a temporary or ongoing disability for which you require reasonable adjustment?
Complete only if you selected 'other' in the previous question
List your relevant work experience and provide supporting documentation, including position descriptions and references, with this application. Covering Employer, Position, Length of Experience and Duties
Full name, relationship to you, Email and Phone