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ZOOM Webinars

An opportunity to work through various topics via Zoom

We are now offering Zoom webinars on various subjects for you to connect in with us! 



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ZOOM Webinar 1


Betrayal only happens in trusting relationships. How do we work with it? 

with Dr Christina Nielsen Ch.Med

Date: 23rd October 2019

Cost: $30

Time 6.00- 7.30pm AEDT (NSW, Sydney Australia) 

To register: Link will be made available soon

Attendance: Via Zoom 

This webinar is suitable for anyone working with clients or even just for yourself. 

You will not want to miss this one and a half hour webinar with Christina Nielsen, founder of the Metavision Institute and her extensive knowledge on the subject through studying and writing about betrayal in her Masters in Social Ecology. She has applied this knowledge once many years of working with clients in her Holistic practice. 

"Betrayal is at the heart of the human mystery" Loose Papers James Hillman (1975)

It comes in various guises. How does it show up in your life? How do you respond? 

Broken trust offers a choice it's up to each person as to how they respond. It offers the potential of a break through into a new consciousness as a wound that continues to weep. 

In this webinar we will explore betrayal and it's clinical application.

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Zoom Webinar 2 

An Introduction to Facilitation 

with Sarah Pant & Elsa Henderson 

Date: 14th November 2019 - 6.00 - 7.30pm AEDT (Syd, NSW, AU)

Duration: One and a half hours

Cost: Free 

To register: Link will be made available soon

Attendance: Via Zoom


This webinar is suitable for anyone working with clients or even just working with yourself. 

Sarah and Elsa will be discussing Facilitation and coaching through the Metavision lens. Discussing fundamental principles that can be applied to organisational, corporate work as well as other group work. 


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Zoom Webinar 2 x Part Series 

Your Mythic Blueprint - Life Myth & Vocation

with Elsa Henderson 

Dates: 7th & 14th December - 9.30 - 11.30 am AEDT (Syd, NSW, AU)

Duration: Two Hours

Cost: $38 per session / $70 for both

To register: Link will be made available soon

Attendance: Via Zoom only

What if behind the zig-zag and seeming chaos of life lies a pattern, a blueprint of core energies that we can tap into for insight and direction?

In this 2-part workshop we will explore a process-oriented view of life myth in relation to our own journey, as well as how it can support and inform our work with others.Life myth can be understood as a coherent thread, or melody, that runs throughout our life. Connecting with this thread helps us to find purpose and meaning, highlighting tensions and themes and guiding us to find the path of least resistance.CG Jung coined the term life myth to describe a patterning for life-long personal development. He found that childhood dreams and early memories which stayed in a person’s memory into adulthood, revealed an archetypal pattern for a person’s life.  Years later Arnold Mindell, built upon Jung’s work extending it to encompass chronic body symptoms, addictions and relationship challenges, proposing that each of these areas reflected tendencies that were mythic to a person’s process.In our work with people, life myth can serve as a blueprint outlining the larger mythical journey of an individual’s life through charting patterns and energies that are often life-long, extreme or recurring.
We may ask, why does this keep happening to me? Yet with awareness-we can explore, wrestle with, cultivate  and utilize the capacities embedded within these energies. The resulting awareness leads to agency helping us navigate these dynamics and live the repertoire of energies inherent within us. The myth provides context for the work to happen within. As a melody and thread, we can choose in each given moment how we dance with the qualities present and weave the the threads of the journey.In part one of this course, through theory, inner work, and exercises

Part 1 will explore:

* Mapping your own myth
* Your innate gifts and secondary powers
* Your central edge
* Awareness of core themes and patterns

Part 2 will explore:

* Explore how life myth can be brought to working with others
* Myth as a tool for tracking process
* Mythic metaksills 

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