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Ingredients for Change with Julie Diamond

Metavision were excited to host a workshop with Julie Diamond Ph.D. in March this year.

Ingredients for Change with Julie Diamond

Along with insight, tools and awareness we brought ourselves to our work as counselors and facilitators in this two day workshop. This meant that our personality, temperament, style, life myth, edges, and deep and sometimes unfathomable inner experiences were explored as an intrinsic part of our toolkit.

For many of us working in the helping professions, this is not just a job, but a vocation; therefore, being connected to our deepest selves and all that entails doesn't just enrich our work with clients, it enriches us.

This two day training seminar focused on personal style, creativity, and our inner world. Among the aspects of our inner life we spent time focusing on:

Personal Style

What is personal style? Is it something we can consciously produce or develop? Is our style defined by our edges, and if so, then what influence does our anti-style, or secondary style, have on the therapeutic process? What’s the connection between style and method, and what happens when methods don’t feel compatible with our style?


When we think of creativity, we often think of methods involving the visual, expressive or creative arts. But creativity is an essential part of learning and change. It’s anything that engages a new way of thinking, doing, or acting. Bringing creativity into our work as counselors and facilitators means uncovering new perspectives and new solutions and expanding ways of thinking and believing about life.

Life Myth & Vocation

Our life myth informs our path, especially the work we do in the world. We looked at connecting, and reconnecting with our life myth as it relates to our professional practice and life in community, and using it to help guide us in our work with clients.


"Julie Diamond's workshop was amazing. To be able to work with and watch such a practiced process worker in action is something I will never forget.......Her unique style was in everything she brings to her process work sessions, and to see that is magic in action. 

"I now have a richer appreciation of my own style and how to creatively and consciously incorporate it into my life and my work, bringing a sense of deeper authenticity and congruence. 

"I am so grateful to Metavision and Julie Diamond for this fantastic learning experience!" N.M. 


Julie Diamond, Ph.D. Dipl. P.W. is a trainer, facilitator and consultant who has been working in the field of human and organizational change for over 25 years. She consults and trains internationally on leadership, learning, conflict and change for organizations, government agencies, NGOs and universities.

She is the former Vice President of Academic Affairs and currently a senior faculty member at the Process Work Institute of Portland. Together with Lee Spark Jones, she is the co-author of "A Path Made By Walking: Process Work in Practice."

She writes about the problems of power, leadership, learning and change on her blog: A User' s Guide to Power

Introductory Information Sessions

You will be able to speak to and hear from the Academic Director and gain a deeper insight into the quality of our education and the courses that we offer.  Sydney 2nd October 2013 and Bowral 1st February 2014.

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