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Foundational Counselling Skills Workshop 2020

An overview of the Micro and Meta-Skills of Counselling that form the basis to our Counsellor Training

Relationships are an essential part of life. Being able to understand human issues and to work with people successfully brings quality in life and authenticity in relationships.

Did you know that skills learned from counselling can be applied to many aspects of life?

The Foundational Counselling Skills seminar will uncover your inner knowledge of how to relate to people and provide essential tools to help develop your skills.

You will be introduced to the micro-skills of counselling including Active listening, Unconditional positive regard and Empathy as tools to ease communication and to better understand fellow humans.

You will discover how developing strong Micro-skills of Counselling can enhance your knowledge and effectiveness in dealing with human centred issues.

This seminar will teach you the fundamentals of the micro-skills of counselling including:

  • Active Listening
  • Unconditional Positive Regard
  • Empathy
  • Quality of Relationship
  • Challenging and Presence

Students are given time to absorb & reflect on these skills and to practise within the context of Authenticity in Relationships.

This knowledge is delivered within the "person-centred" approach of Rogers and the "will to meaning" of Frankl. Experiential exercise and practice within a supportive and self-reflective environment is an essential part of this seminar.

The importance of awareness of Meta-skills (inner attitudes of the practitioner) is fundamental to our holistic orientation and are covered through the study of Deep Respect, a not knowing mind and trust in the unfolding process of individuation.

The experience as a whole is encapsulated within a holistic understanding of the human condition which completes the seminar and forms a base for much of the work covered in other modules and seminars that we offer.

This seminar includes an online component where students can review and discuss their learning and experience with their peers and gain feedback on their thoughts from the tutor.


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