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Group Facilitation


Facilitating small groups for therapy, support, peer learning, supervision and team building require specific skills. As people look for connection and collaboration in difficulty, workplace flow and a sense of belonging, the attraction of small groups grows. This seminar brings skills for facilitation of a group so that all voices are heard. Roles and tensions both seen and unseen are recognised, welcomed and expressed. The position & skills of the facilitator will be a focus of this seminar.


Once you have registered your position will be held in the seminar. Registration dates are recorded and positions are allocated on a first come first served basis.

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Dr. Christina Nielsen
(Ch. Med.), BSW, BAC, M App Sci, Cert of Advanced Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine in Hangzhou (China), Process Oriented Psychology (Phase 1).

Christina is a long time Holistic practitioner who has developed her unique combination of Psychotherapy and Chinese Medicine for working with issues of Body, Soul and Spirit. She has used Western and Eastern knowledge and consciousness to develop a global approach to health issues and self-development. The results of her clinical work and requests from students was the inspiration for founding the Metavision Institute where she offers course in Holistic Counselling, Psychotherapy and self-development for over 12 years. Students of the Psychotherapy training frequently report the experience to be 'transformative and life changing.'