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Facilitate Yourself, Your Team and Our World

7-8 July 2018 2 Day Seminar


Join us at Metavision for a two day seminar on process-oriented facilitation, using Process Work and deep democracy.

 We will introduce foundational Process Work concepts and experiences through a facilitation lens, including: 4-phases, life myth, central and marginal identities, role structure, and inner work. Process Work is a systemic approach, meaning that objective facts and roles, relationships, subjective experiences, and power and rank issues in the larger community or organisational field, make up one interconnected information system. Facilitation is as much an inner path of development as an outer practice.


The focus is you as an evolving, multi-dimensional person with a unique facilitation style. Getting to know your style and using it, helps you to be centred and awake in the midst of trouble, and when needed, become slightly detached to embrace a bigger picture. Eldership is an inner facilitation attitude for embracing complications, discovering creative solutions together, and allows for positive use of power. 


The focus is facilitating teams, groups and communities. At times there are unclear visions, conflicting perspectives, tensions, unresolved conflicts, and overlapping alliances. Our group process method uses tensions such as these to unfold the diversity of perspectives present, and befriend the complication to allow for the emergence of unexpected solutions and a deeper appreciation of shared ground. Deep democracy group process brings the whole information system into the room through dynamic role play, to allow the different polarities and perspectives to interact, get to know each other and reveal the holographic nature of the issue at hand, at personal, team and global levels of experience. A deep respect for timing allows for deepening beyond right and wrong to make space for temporary resolution.


This is an open professional development Metavision seminar for seasoned and budding facilitators alike, across the helping professions, education, government, business, the arts, grassroots movements and community groups.


Emphasis of topics will depend on participants' areas of interest.  The workshop is experiential, so whatever you enjoy and find useful, you will be able to try out directly in your own context, whether in a formal leadership role, as a team member, and/or in your clinical/professional practice and personal life.


Using these key areas, Metavision students are encouraged to consider the phases of life and changing human needs over time while working experientially with their own story. Active dialogue and critical examination are essential throughout this module.

Click here to read and excerpt from Julia's book: Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services. 



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Seminar Details

Date: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th July 2018 

Presenters: Dr Julia Wolfson & Elsa Henderson

Time: Sat 10am - 5.30pm, Sun 10am - 4pm
Location: Henrietta Rose Room - Adjacent to Bowral Library

Price: $550 Early Bird - $600 after 1st June
Duration: 12 1/2 Hours total
Award: Professional Development Certificate 


Dr. Julia Wolfson Dipl PW is a team member of the global Deep Democracy Institute, and founder of Turning Forward, an international network partner consulting, facilitation, coaching and training organisation. Julia has a special interest in the transformation of custodial care institutions and agencies into open, self-powered communities in which leaders, co-workers and people reliant on support  enjoy collaborating to express their deepest inspirations in the world. Julia lives in Canberra and works internationally. 

Elsa Henderson MA, Dipl PW is a faculty member at Metavision Institute, a team member of the global Deep Democracy Institute, and has a private practice. Her work focuses on communication, creativity and power. Working with individuals and teams to discover the innate creativity and possibility of the moment is one of her great passions. In her work, Elsa strives to grab tensions to unearth the harmony beneath, spark new insights and inspire intrinsic solutions. She also loves to draw, paint and dance.


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