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Altered & Extreme States of Consciousness Seminar

7-13 October 2018

Addictive Tendencies and Altered  & Extreme States

3 & 6 Day Seminar



Sunday 7th - Saturday 13th of October (Free day Wednesday)

The first 3 days of the seminar are a public workshop open to all and the last 3 days are more focused on practitioner skills and supervision.

Facilitators: Dr Kas Robinson & Annie Blair

Where: Southern Highlands NSW Australia - The Barn House, 2 Argyle St Mittagong NSW

Part 1: Sunday/Monday/ Tuesday

The first three days will be a public workshop focused on: Cravings, compulsions and addictive tendencies can disturb our lives, moods and relationships. We will use Process Mind and signal awareness to dive deeply into these tendencies, access the energies contained there, and discover their contribution to creative, unexpected and meaningful expression in our everyday lives. 

Finding the deeper thread of meaning behind addictive tendencies can change our relationship to ourselves, others and the world. As part of this course we will explore the meaning and energetic patterns within our childhood dream or life myth and how they can be a map for our life path or vision. We will also explore connections between our life myth and our addictive tendencies.

Wednesday - Free day to explore the beautiful Southern Highlands!


Part 2: Thursday/Friday/Saturday

The second three days will be directed towards practitioners and focus on:  Altered and extreme states of consciousness, such as peak experiences, extreme anger, city shadows (i.e., states that mainstream society represses) all of which can be challenging and disturbing. In this course, we will learn to be more comfortable with our own altered states and those of others.

We will explore and unfold frozen or incomplete stories and patterns, enter into worlds and experiences that need to be seen, understood and unfolded into people’s lives.

We will discover ways to make meaning, reduce suffering and increase coherence out of what appears difficult to relate to or understand.

We will use process work methods, such as Process Mind, signal work, and symbolic thinking, to discover and unfold the meaning and energies behind states of consciousness that disturb our lives and the lives of others. 

Additionally, we will focus on the therapist or facilitator's experience while working with people in altered or extreme states, in order to make these experiences useful for the client, the team, and for your wellbeing.

Suggested Reading

Quantum Mind & Healing by Arnold Mindell - Chapter 16  Why Free Radicals Kill

Dreaming While Awake, Techniques for Lucid dreaming by Arnold Mindell - Chapter 11 Addictions & Relationships



Update on Specialist Training Certificate in Process Oriented Psychology

These professional development seminars form the face to face component of a specialists training in Process Oriented Psychology that Metavision is currently developing to be in line with PACFA's standards for certification of specialist training.

Further details of this certification will be announced at the seminar in October 2018

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Seminar Details

Date: Sunday 7th - Saturday 13th of October (Free day Wednesday)

Presenters: Dr Kas Robinson & Annie Blair

Time: 9.30am - 5pm
Location: The Barn House, 2 Argyle St, Mittagong


Regular Rates:

  • 3 x days, $1100 (after August 31)
  • 6 x Days $2200 (after August 31)

If you are a current student, please contact

Duration: 3 days / 6 days                               
Award: Professional Development Certificate 

If you are a current Metavision Student, please call the office to find out if you are entitled to further discounts.  

Dr. Kas Robinson has been a faculty member at the Process Work Institute since 2007, and she is a clinical director at a behavioral healthcare agency where she’s responsible for clinical programs and staff supervision. Kas is passionate about leadership development, diversity, and the empowerment of marginal experiences. She enjoys the unpredictability of everyday life and creative expression through performance and movement. She loves Process Mind work because it is expansive, spontaneous, and accessible to everyone.

Annie Blair (MA, Dipl PW) is a certified Processworker in Portland, Oregon and offers individual sessions, teaches workshops, and is a faculty member at the Process Work Institute. A love of movement has been an undercurrent through her life. When she discovered Processwork, she immediately felt touched by its open hearted approach to human experiences, and was thrilled that movement was a key part of its awareness methods.

She believes that all experiences, even the difficult ones, are valuable and by approaching them with curiosity and respect, we can discover their contribution to our wholeness. Some of her particular interests are body symptoms, creativity and addictive tendencies.

Annie enjoys improvisational theater and guides an Authentic Movement practice group.


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