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Winter 2015

Winter in the Southern Highlands is a time to hibernate, to spend long nights by the fire enjoying moments, reflecting on the past and planning for the future. So from my fireside reflections I think 2015 has been a good year for Metavision....

Winter 2015 - Reflections from the fireside...

As I write I note that it is exactly one year since we moved the office out of Station St to the wonderful hub at 82 Burradoo Rd, We have only looked up since then. 

We have a tight team who are working well together to maintain and develop the Metavision activities.

For those who do not know the staff now are Deanne Reyes, Student liaison and academic admin;

Reece Jones, our IT expert (Sam Minton left for greener pastures in March 2015)

Sue Sharpe, former owner of Phoenix Rising books. Sue has joined out team to add to the marketing and promotion of MI as well as help oversee the business side of things.

Julianne Giles, tutor and student academic support, and Bridget Peterson, library, pop in regularly as is needed.

To list the staff and not to mention out mascot Tigger would be a grave omission. It used to be Tigger and Poppy , my two little white dogs who have witnessed the rise and changes of MI.  from its inception. But like all of us eventually we get old and move on .. so too did Poppy.  Tigger now bravely holds the fort on his own and is beloved by all who work and come to MI. He is a great watchdog and ambassador for MI.

2015 has been a great year for the open classes with numerous graduates taking advantage of the opportunity to refresh and re- learn some of the skills of the course while gaining PD points.  

At the last intensive the class thanked those who came, saying they added valuable discussion and were a great model to aspire to.  However I also hear that the need to be sensitive to the number who come into any one class so as not to disrupt the cohesiveness of the group that has built up over time.

I think I have improved in preparing the current class for the visiting learners, thanks to your feedback previously.

After a successful Metavisioning day in 2014 another is planned for later this year. This helps build the MI community, to provide a forum for your voice and suggestions, and to generally get together and have a good time. Following requests for more opportunity for contact between members of the community we have launched the MI string.  Jump into it and start discussions - we are following it and get excited when we see you participating.

Best Wishes,