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Meta Muses

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October Seminar 2018

Posted by on October 17, 2018

The Seminar for working with Addictive Tendencies and Altered and Extreme states has been a greatly enriching and deepening experience for those who attended.

I get this impression from talking with participants and reading the feedback afterwards.

Some who intended to attend only the first three days but returned for the second three days have commented on how deeply they were able to explore their own life, path and patterns.

 One participant said:

I am so glad I did not miss this. I am very grateful for the flexibility to return for what I could of the Altered and Extreme States Seminar. The experience of the presenters and the way they held the space enabled me to get profound insight into myself that I could not have reached in one on one work. The experience was enriched by the contribution of everyone present and from the emersion in the topics that these seminars provide. I could easily have missed it in the business of my own life. It has changed me forever. These Professional Development seminars are really important.“

A re-visiting of the Life Myth with authentic movement and Annie Blaire’s humour created a thread that ran through the whole 6 days of the seminar. By the end it was possible to see how our tendencies and states are already present in the Life Myth or memory. Exploring peak experiences, our dreaming and connecting with Process Mind again and again provided the context for learning new skills, deepening old ones and gaining an inside out whole body experience of the states.

This is something that I have found over many years of revisiting my Life Myth, that each time I do so I get another insight or see something from another perspective. Some say:

‘I have done this before, but I find it is never the same”.

 The theory is one thing but the experience is constantly changing, expanding and deepening.

 I find the beauty of Process Work and of applying our Holistic model can only really be learnt through full immersion in a diversified field of experience.

 Kas Robinsons’ experience of working with people in extreme states, in difficult circumstances such as those who are charged with criminal offences due to ‘insanity’  brought  a richness and depth to our work that is rare to find in training and professional seminars where the usual focus on behavioural / brain modification is the focus today. Kas’s many years and deep understanding and compassion for these states was palpable in the room.

It was an inspiration and guiding light for work with these common and difficult states.

Many people said they want more of this.

The Essence, like the Eco system in the background. It is like the earth supports us and like the Prima material of alchemy that is the ground from which all arises.

David Hawkins says that the sun always shines.