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Is Heaven For Real?

What are you reading in relation to your Metavision work? ...This year I am interested in discussions around life after death and before birth. I notice there has been a wider acceptance of material on NDE’s . ..

One example is the BBC’s documentary on NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) . It was produced in 2002 and received bad feedback then. The BBC removed it saying they would never show it again. However last year someone found it and put it out. The response was very different.



I think this indicates the enormous shift in consciousness that is speeding up right now and that we have the privilege to be living through.

Other books I have read on these topics are Dr. Eban Alexander’s book Proof of Heaven and  Map of Heaven here he describes his NDE and his change in consciousness. Alexander reflects on his own experience of how consciousness survives the death of the brain and as a neuroscientist his previous understanding was replaced by something very different. He says;

"The universe is based on love, but if we have no love in ourselves the universe will be shut off from us... make no mistake there is a reason we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience".

They are a good read.