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How is an Holistic World View Relevant Today?

Posted by on November 27, 2014

Holistic Individualism vs. Competitive Individualism

Consider the limiting assumptions of the outdated paradigm of recent times:

    • Newtonian physics with its focus on matter sees nature as reducible to its parts and the body as a biological mechanism.
    • The controlling force of life is objective rational thinking, centered in the brain and our genes
    • Darwinian theory is based on competition and survival of the fittest.

Now look around and see the impact of these limiting assumptions with:  government and financial structures collapsing, ecological crisis, increasing concern of mental health and wellbeing and communities disenchanted.

It appears that the way we have been operating is not working to its optimum with our focus on competitive individualism.

So how does the holistic approach work differently?

With Holism - seeing the whole as more than the sum of its parts. And so creating a new paradigm based on this non-reductionistic world view.

Allowing then for the three pillars of an Holistic approach:

    • Inspiration (rather than objective rational thinking)
    • Co-operation (rather than competition)
    • Communication

Thus birthing Holistic Individualism.

To do this we need to use the incredible wisdom of the natural environment including our own body as our guide. In this way we experience how these three pillars of an Holistic approach operate.

In the Body organs and cells are cooperative. There is no struggle nor is there competition. In nature, the natural order adapts itself to the environment through constant communication with its environment. To illustrate this point consider how a male kangaroo will stop producing sperm in a dry season while a female kangaroo will conceive only if there has been enough rain to promote growth of sufficient quantities of vegetation so important to the survival of its species. This natural adaptive response is inherent in humans too.

Just as each cell in our body perceives the environment and develops a response, so too our perception is formed from both external and internal responses. And at Metavision Institute our accredited training courses and professional development workshops provide the training that allows students to broaden their perception and so expand their skill-base above and beyond what they thought possible.