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*Alumni Highlight* The Healing Room

Posted by on May 31, 2018

An article highlighting two of our incredibly talented alumni, Marg Hombsch and Toni Livingstone. 


 Two kindred spirits & a cup of tea 


In the course of a single day… a week… a year… we meet countless new people, but as we age, the chance of finding a true and enduring friendship like those we treasured in childhood, is rare. In a lovely story of fate and chemistry, Tamworth locals Marg Hombsch and Toni Livingstone have channelled their compatibility and shared passions into an exciting new venture. “The Healing Room Tamworth” is home to counselling and psychotherapy services (for individuals and couples), plus cellular health scans and invaluable advice on physical and emotional wellbeing.

“We just happened to be introduced one day by a mutual friend and both felt an instant connection when we met! We feel so blessed that this simple sharing of a cuppa has resulted in a deep friendship and an amazing collaborative business partnership”, said Marg. 

Many people would recognise Marg as the warm and vivacious past-owner of The Lemon House gift store (Tamworth), however she also has a diverse, 35-year work history in a broad range of careers, including sales and marketing, education, community engagement and project management.  For Marg, each new career direction has brought with it the opportunity to learn new skills and to gain deeper insights into the human condition.

With a gentle, quiet and nurturing presence, Toni exudes calm, her natural gift for listening and empathy instantly apparent.  Toni has many years’ experience in customer service and community work (including with the Westpac Bank, and volunteer Life Line telephone counselling), providing her with the ability to communicate and build rapport in even the most difficult of situations.  

In January 2017, Marg and Toni combined their private practice counselling services and launched The Healing Room Tamworth, a concept born from a deep desire to explore the relationship between the physical, psychological and emotional underpinnings to health and wellness. Both Marg and Toni have qualifications in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, having studied at The Metavision Institute in Bowral, and have developed a unique method of co-facilitating each session. Together they create a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment, allowing the exploration of issues causing distress and impacting general health and wellbeing.

“We work in a way that supports the inherent strength and wisdom of the client. We help them to reflect on their family history, experience and environment, with the intention of seeing the whole person rather than just their pathology.

Our interest in the interconnectedness of mind and body has lead us to also undertake further study in the area of nutrition and gut health with “Phion Elements of Life”. We can now offer our clients a cellular health assessment scan and provide educational information about approaches to their health based on nutrient dense food, quality water, positive lifestyle and a life-affirming environment. We feel that this philosophy for looking at health, because of its holistic nature, sits perfectly with our psychotherapy training”, explains Marg.


“We are constantly surprised that there is still stigma attached to seeking counselling support. You may be struggling with serious issues like Domestic Violence, addiction, grief and loss, depression and anxiety or, just want to improve the quality of your relationships and communicate more effectively. Sometimes there is a niggling issue in a relationship, or a conflict at work, an on-going health concern or just a general feeling of unhappiness… it doesn’t have to be a crisis to seek help.  Having the right support and the space to speak the unspeakable, without fear of judgement, is really the foundation for healing to begin”, says Toni.

Marg and Toni also offer Employment Assistance Program (EAP) counselling services to various local organisations and have provided debriefing services for Greater Northern Region Aboriginal Affairs staff. In the near future, The Healing Room also plan to facilitate small group workshops which will focus on the client’s biography and life story, identifying the behaviours, patterns and themes that have shaped their lives.

Printed in Downtown magazine - written by Amy Kelly

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