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Meta Muses

Definition: (in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences. May the Muses inspire your creativity as you browse our writings below.......

Essence of Counselling and Psychotherapy at the Metavision Institute

Posted by on November 20, 2014

The aim of teaching Counselling and Psychotherapy at Metavision is to support the development of a new paradigm through education that is experienced and spread by the students into their communities. The students learn skills and develop self awareness that enables them to continue to become more fully themselves throughout their entire life, and thus be able to facilitate a similar process for their clients/work colleagues, family environments and their communities.

The new paradigm focuses on process, on an unfolding stream of awareness that recognises both the subtle unseen forces of the universe as well as manifest reality. It sees the human being as an incarnating spirit infusing every aspect of the physical substance (body) with consciousness and mediated by soul/psyche as it senses both the internal and external environment through the senses.

The education and training at Metavision Institute focuses on developing skills to read  signals from not only consensus reality but also those further from our every day awareness. This requires a way of seeing the space between, or of hearing the interval between the notes more than the notes themselves. This is often contrary to the consensus in most educational fields including Counselling and Psychotherapy. It requires the development of imagination and intuition and trusting the unfolding flow of information that is forever present at any moment. The paradigm of our culture focuses on manifest reality. We are all steeped in this perception from birth. To broaden our perception to read the unseen requires training. Here at Metavision Institute the focus is on the forces that shape that reality. Quantum physics has found that these forces behave differently from the physical form. It is consciousness itself and influenced by consciousness. Time and space behave differently. Non-locality becomes local and synchronic events have significance. To learn to read the signals from the quantum world changes the way everything is seen. This is a paradigm shift.

What does Counselling mean at Metavision?

The term Counselling itself is difficult as it implies in the very word that the 'Counsellor' can give counsel for you. A fundamental Metaskill (feeling tone or attitude) is that the teleological nature of the human condition, and of existence, has an innate wisdom that if supported with respect, will unfold in the best possible way at this moment in time. I do not know what that is for you, but I can support your process by reading your signals and not to presume to know. It is vital that I follow your feedback for that will guide me to follow your process and not my own agenda. 

So a Metavision Institute 'counsellor' supports the emerging strength and wisdom of the client while taking into account the embedded environment and holds an intention to support the essence of the client rather than the pathology. One could say this is no different to another Counselling. However it may look different as stochastic signals are taken into the process i.e. seemingly random and unpredictable events are followed and valued as possibly holding the key to the process that is wanting to unfold. Processes that open new territory tend to arise from the realm of non-consensus reality, or a dreaming awareness rather than focused rational thought.

What skills can be identified as change items in learning?

An ability to develop a second attention i.e. to be able to read the signals that pattern the subtle energy behind manifest reality.

An ability to follow the unfolding rather than to control the process.

The development of Metaskills of a not knowing mind, deep respect, openness to what arises and trust in the wisdom of events.

To recognise that you are an entangled part of the process and therefore need to develop self awareness and knowledge of your own process, skills and tendencies.

At Metavision Institute counselling and psychotherapy aren't seen as different. We work with the person and develop a wide tool kit of skills to draw on according to the need of the person or situation we are in at any one time. Sometimes a solution focused counselling skill may be what is needed, at another time it may be that we sit with body awareness of deep trauma following its messages with empathy and compassion.