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Meta Muses

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Congrats Christina!

Posted by on August 9, 2018

                         Congratulations are in order for Christina, as she has finally- after a long and challenging road- completed her Processwork Diploma and is officially a Processwork Diplomate! Below are some thoughts and reflections from Christina on the process she has gone through to get here:

“I started studying process work in 1991 in Zurich. It was the last intensive in Zurich before all of Processwork moved to Portland. I finished my phase 1 exams in 1995. My study committee at that time was comprised of Amy Mindell, Max Shupbach and Julie Diamond, all very very special people to me and wonderful teachers. After that I went onto 'Phase Two' but couldn’t continue because I had 3 children as a single parent and it is an expensive road, this one. Anyway life took its course and in 2002 students asked me if I would teach! Without finishing the diploma, in 2004  Metavision was born-which took over and I couldn’t do any of my own study at that point- as Metavision was developing. Then in 2012 in England, at Arnie and Amy’s seminar,  I remember thinking “Ok I need to do a Phd and finish my Processwork Diploma”! Little did I know what I was saying at the time! So I enrolled in a Phd which lasted six months- when I realised I did’t want to spend the rest of my life doing that! I also enrolled in the independent pathway in Processwork, as one of the very first students. In fact there was only one other and she dropped out very soon afterward. So you could say I was the first student. So this independent pathway looked like it would be pretty good but actually it’s very difficult because you’re not plugged in to the whole community. The exam process depends on that community, which was an interesting learning for me. So it’s been quite a road the last 5 years. I had to go over to Portland quite often, was required to do a lot of supervision, seminars, various learnings. I also found a bit of dissonance between what I found in the Processwork Institute and what I found in Metavision. That was a bit of a shock to me. I also learnt a lot and met some fantastic people. My study committee has been wonderful, Julie Diamond has been an important thread- and without Julie I would never have done it all. She really gave me a push, and took me on even though she had other students. Then Salome agreed to come on board which was really fantastic and then Iya. Amy has also been there taking interest in my journey, and Max as well. So here I am, having finished!! Finishing the project was quite a big job for me and I did it on Metavision, Metaskills and Processmind, looking at what Metavision has become as it’s grown out of Process work. I also realised that what Arnie has done, starting in Jungian training, developed Processwork out of that-  in a way Metavision is similar. It’s grown out of the training I had in Chinese Medicine, Social Work, Anthroposophy, and Processwork. All these things combine in each person differently and how they combine is important. Students are attracted to that. So what I realised through this journey with PWI is that Metavision has it’s own unique gesture and flavour and that is wonderful. So this is what the project is looking at, and coming to the conclusion that Metavision is inline with the journey principle of Processwork as well.” 

Well done Christina! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.