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Graduation 2019

Graduate, Jani Klotz's experience an her journey at Metavision

Posted by mereana on May 9, 2019

A few weeks ago, the class of 2018 gathered together on a beautiful spring day in Bowral to celebrate and acknowledge our achievement at finishing the holistic psychotherapy and counselling course. It was an afternoon rich in so many ways; being together once again, meeting one another’s families and loved ones, honouring the enormity of what we had all achieved, and listening to our guest speaker, Di Young, speak of her experience working as an holistic psychotherapist since graduating a number of years ago, all added to the day.
To study at Metavision is to be immersed in a journey both deep within yourself, but also deeply into an intimate connection with your fellow students. Over our years studying, we have laughed and cried together, shared many a meal and intimate conversation, discussed and debated numerous ideas and differences of opinion, and sat in awe as witness to each other’s courage, integrity and pain. To be held in a space where all this was possible has been a unique and thoroughly enriching experience, and I miss the opportunities that our regular reunions at the intensives afforded us in doing this.
At the graduation ceremony, Di Young spoke to us about the importance of continuing to learn and develop our skills as therapists. A major aspect of this learning, quite apart from developing skills and knowledge, is the commitment to grow in an understanding and awareness of ourselves. Continuing to work with our own therapist, and have regular supervision, is a vital part of this growth, and what allows us to work effectively as a therapist. Working in an holistic manner In an environment heavily nuanced towards biomedical and cognitive behavioural approaches to mental health and wellbeing, requires courage and commitment; the courage to walk a different and less acknowledged path, and the commitment to hold to this path even when others do not understand or support what it is that we do. Hearing about how Di has navigated this path was inspirational. The work that Christina and those at Metavision are doing to change the face of psychotherapy in Australia has contributed to this being possible. In creating an ever evolving environment committed to the study and practice of holistic psychotherapy, it continues to support and nurture a new generation of therapists.
Having the opportunity to immerse myself in my studies, and observe the transformative potential of such a richly nuanced and all embracing approach to psychotherapy, has been a privilege. It has enriched my soul, stimulated my mind, nurtured my spirit, and provided the opportunity to create life long friendships and connections with an awesome group of people. Thank you to Metavision, to our fabulous teachers, and to my fellow students for making all this possible. May we all have the courage to step out into the world and start practicing what we have learnt, so that we can bring some much needed healing to a world desperately crying out for reconnection, compassion, presence and love.