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Meta Muses

Definition: (in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences. May the Muses inspire your creativity as you browse our writings below.......

*Alumni Highlight* Noula Diamantopolous

Posted by on June 6, 2018

The Healing Creative 

A recent update from our vividly inspiring Alumni, Noula Diamantopolous. Noula graduated in 2014 and acted as Alumni Representative until 2018. Since graduating, Noula has established a buzzing Holistic Psychotherapy practice in Sydney NSW, weaving together her work as an artist, healer and active community builder. Noula embodies the Metavision Model in her approach to working, with holism, insight, and a creative spirit. 


What have I been up to since graduating asks Kati? Well dear heart………I have been on an adventure that doesn’t seem to be ending. It includes a growing trauma informed practice where I see a range of clients presenting issues from addictions, anxiety, phobias and workplace stress to complex PTSD. I say it’s an adventure because I didn’t set out to be this kind of therapist. Prior to my Metavision training I had a coaching & art  practice. My lens was positive psychology, Eastern and Western philosophy. I had an interest in the brain but it was early years then and not much was written about it.  And now… Metavision, even though I didn’t know what hit me the first time a client dissociated in session, somehow that never scared me. Somehow I felt very much at home in with the complex nature of these clients.


I have continued studying post  Metavision and can now add EMDR and DBT to my tools. I am currently training to become a certified supervisor (80% complete) and I am half way though my BSP training.


I have been able to interweave my Process Orientated training with the new modalities that I use. Curiously they all have a similar source (spiritual, neuroscience, somatic experiencing, taking the lead from the client, being curious & creative to name a few.) Even DBT which is not a therapeutic process per se, still fits into the stabalisation phased approach of a treatment plan.


On the art front I was recently awarded the ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation) Media Award- Audio Visual for my Domestic Violence art work that was up in George Street until February this year. That was a defining moment for me. To have my two worlds meet – art and psychotherapy. The image was created with over 20,000 jar lids and was 60 square metres.


Since that award (March 2018) I was asked to be their online Editor for a column that’s called Creative Space – suits me!


And in this moment I am developing new therapeutic programs for the general public, writing my second book and wrapping up a couple of mosaic commissions.


Keep inspired!




If anyone would like personal sessions with me or supervision please feel free to contact me. For Metavision students I am offering 50% off my usual fee. There is only one proviso. To take up this offer with me I would ask you to commit to a mimimun 5 sessions because I would like the opportunity to have a therapeutic or supervisory relationship with you.