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Coming Together for the 2015 Metavision Day

The Metavision Institute Alumni and current students came together in October for a day of Professional Development and Collaboration. This is a short piece on the Metavision day as witnessed by Deanne Reyes who is part of the Metavision Alumni and works at the Institute as an assistant to Christina Nielsen and is the student liaison manager.

Building a Bridge

I was really looking forward to the Metavision day and once it arrived it felt like a great way to take myself out of the world I live in and unite with the wonderful people that had been a part of the same valuable teachings as me. I am quite busy in my day-to-day life but I knew that it would be worthwhile to attend and I would walk out feeling a sense of reconnection.  There is something extraordinary about being in a room full of people with the same underlying values. The space seems to take on it’s own set of lungs and breathing pattern.

My view of being part of the Metavision Institute is that we are a part of something bigger and that it is somehow pulling us, and to listen to this inner pull helps in our every day existence. Don’t get me wrong I am truly blessed to be able to work within the Metavision Institute on a weekly basis, so I see myself as a part of the Institute. But, when we come together and I mean really come together it feels as though the underlying support (Metavision) and (Alumni/Students) energy really comes alive and gains momentum together. 

A lot of exciting developments were raised within the group process facilitated by Dr Julia Wolfson. Julia brought a wonderfully vibrant dynamic that helped us stay on track while gaining insights throughout the day.

An interesting point made right at the beginning of the day was that someone had felt that Metavision was standing behind the students and supporting them. This was role-played and Christina felt as if she would like it more if that person (and others) stood shoulder to shoulder with her. It was established that the Alumni presence was a bridge to the Metavision Institute and the support would come from both Metavision and Alumni as a collaborative effort. This brought a fabulous awareness around MI not having to bear the entire responsibility of maintaining a connection and as a bridge the Alumni would support the Metavision Institute and this, in turn would support them as well. There is that theme of togetherness again.

No matter how I put it, I liken this togetherness as being on the same page and singing from the same song sheet (so to speak). This may sound a little Pollyanna as I am predisposed to seeing mostly the good in things, however, there is a palpable energy in collaboration and as part of the group process suggested, to listen to each other and unite together, we will surely make a difference in this world and who knows? We may even end up transforming it as we have been transformed from our time at Metavision,………from the inside out.

A Metavision Day is held for alumni and current students at the end of each year. 

Deanne Reyes