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Academic Director Goes to Portland

Christina Nielsen goes to Portland, USA both to enhance her learning as well strengthening ties with the Process Work community

Our Academic Director, Christina is excited to be heading to the US next week to brush up on the latest developments from the Process Work Institute in Portland. She will be working with distinguished faculty including:

  • Max Schupbach Ph.D. and Ellen Schupbach Ph.D.
  • Jan Dworkin Ph.D.
  • Gary Reiss Ph.D.
  • Dawn Menken Ph.D.

The 10 day intensive will cover:

  • Deep Democracy in Action for Individuals, Grassroots Movements, Businesses and Governments
  • The Politics of Power, Bodywork & Altered States.

It’s a time of learning and growth as Christina works towards becoming a diplomat, strengthening ties with the international Process Work community and bringing back new insights to her work here at Metavision. We will be working steadily here in the Metavision office while she is away preparing for our March intake. Christina will be back just in time to welcome all of our new students.

For more info check out the Process Work Institute.