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Holistic Psychotherapy Training Course, Study Online & Distance

Process Work Advanced Professional Development Seminar Series

This series of seminars will apply Arnold Mindell’s most current Second Training, to clinical skills, Leadership, Facilitation and Holistic Health awareness, in a collaborative, alchemical and experimental way.

Course Overview

Our team of skilled facilitators and practitioners will offer participants an opportunity to develop skills in Processwork and Process Mind for clinical and organisational settings, for Professional Development (with PD points) and Self-Development.

This course is an initiative of a group of experienced Process Workers from Portland and Australia.


Dr Salome Schwartz & Dr Kas Robinson, have worked very closely with Arnold Mindell over many years as he continues to develop and deepen his Process Work and World Work.

The team also includes Dr Julia Wolfson, Dr Christina Nielsen (Ch. Med)Annie Blair and Elsa Henderson. We share a vision for an inclusive bridge building on many levels and integration of deep learning in the application of Process Mind, phases and your deepest art from different lenses of the facilitators and participants in work environments and training settings.



Two one-week long intensive seminars per year over 2 -3 years (MAY & OCTOBER).

  • October 2017
  • May 2018
  • October 2018
  • May 2019
  • October 2019

Study Details

First Seminar: 14th October 2017 - 21st October 2017

Facilitators:  Salome Schwarz and Elsa Henderson.

Location: Southern Highlands NSW

Harmony Village
11 Beresford Street
Balaclava, NSW

Some accomodation is available here. Give yourself the grace of a retreat-like experience while learning, updating and renewing.

Topic 1:  Relationships On All Levels

To develop a meta-view of the relationship is powerful.

The focus is to notice signals, unfold and flow with the process of the relationship.

Here we learn how to track our own state of mind and that of the relationship itself. The Meta view reveals when and what to do and not to do and how to be in the non-doing. We will work with the field, the diversity of parts and the Metaskills of holding parts. Recognizing the levels of consciousness determines at what level to work.

The learning is more like a circle than linear as are relationships.

We will include the therapeutic relationship and those in teams and work places.

Topic 2: Process Mind and Levels of Consciousness

Included in each seminar week will be time on group dynamic and supervision / case control.

Half a day on Group dynamics; 1.5 days on supervision/ case control.

Inner work runs throughout all seminars.

Second Seminar: 19th-26th May 2018

Facilitators:  Kas Robinson, Annie Blair

Topic 1: Extreme States and Addictive Tendencies.

Topic 2: Childhood Dream, Life Myth and Symbolic Thinking

Entry Requirements

The seminars are open to all, especially those with a Process Work background. 


A certificate of attendance will be issued after each intensive, and upon successful completion of all seminars, a Certificate of Advanced Professional Development in Process Work from Metavision Institute.

This seminar series is endorsed by AASW for members to earn CPD.


AU$2050 per Intensive (Early bird $1900 by August 1st)

Travel and accommodation costs are not included in tuition expenses. 

This is a unique opportunity to deepen Process Work skills using the latest insights from Process Mind and Deep Democracy using Arnold Mindell’s latest developments for clinical skills, personal development, World Work and Deep Democracy.



Dr. Salome Schwarz has been a faculty member at the Process Work Institute and has worked in private practice since 1993. Her great passions in life are awareness, dreaming, and nature. Salome likes working with individuals and teams in diverse settings and enjoys being an international trainer and consultant. She loves Process Mind practice because of the dreaming connection it creates with others, the earth and universe. She also loves to capture the mystery of life through photography.

Dr. Kas Robinson has been a faculty member at the Process Work Institute since 2007, and she is a clinical director at a behavioral healthcare agency where she’s responsible for clinical programs and staff supervision. Kas is passionate about leadership development, diversity, and the empowerment of marginal experiences. She enjoys the unpredictability of everyday life and creative expression through performance and movement. She loves Process Mind work because it is expansive, spontaneous, and accessible to everyone.

Dr. Julia Wolfson is founder and principal of Turning Forward, Australia – a global network organisation providing facilitation, coaching, leadership development, bespoke training and research with network partners and organisations across the world. Julia applies deep democracy and worldwork methods in business, non-profits and grass roots initiatives. Julia has a special interest in the transformation of custodial care institutions and agencies into open, self-powered communities in which self-powered people can learn, grow, shine and contribute.

Dr. Christina Nielsen (Ch. Med.) is a qualified and passionate holistic therapist who uses a mix of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Anthroposophic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her lifelong interest in the human condition and belief that the traditional Western methods of viewing patients provides an incomplete picture, fuels her ongoing study in universities and colleges from Australia, to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and China.

Christina is the founder and Academic Director of The Metavision Institute, which delivers courses in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Elsa Henderson (MA, Dipl PW) is a process-oriented facilitator, coach, and therapist based in Portland, Oregon. Her work focuses on communication, creativity and power. Elsa has a background in anthropology, and has lived and worked in cross-cultural communities such as Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland. Working with individuals and teams to discover the innate creativity and possibility of the moment is one of her great passions. In her work, Elsa strives to grab tensions to unearth the harmony beneath, spark new insights and inspire intrinsic solutions. She also loves to draw, paint and dance.

Annie Blair (MA, Dipl PW) is a certified Processworker in Portland, Oregon and offers individual sessions, teaches workshops, and is a faculty member at the Process Work Institute. A love of movement has been an undercurrent through her life. When she discovered Processwork, she immediately felt touched by its open hearted approach to human experiences, and was thrilled that movement was a key part of its awareness methods.

She believes that all experiences, even the difficult ones, are valuable and by approaching them with curiosity and respect, we can discover their contribution to our wholeness. Some of her particular interests are body symptoms, creativity and addictive tendencies.

Annie enjoys improvisational theater and guides an Authentic Movement practice group.