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Grief and Loss, Death and Dying

A critical introduction to the theory and practice of working with grief, loss and death.

Module Description

In this module students will be asked to explore the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' On Death and Dying, Arnold Mindell on process-oriented psychology and Rudolph Steiner on thanatology. Models arising from palliative care will be studied and applied and students will be given and in-depth look at the processes and holistic principles surrounding death, dying, grief and loss.

Module Details

Dates: Semester 3
Location: Harmony Village

Course Code: 3202
Level: Introductory
Duration: 2 Years
Format: 1 x Presentation, 2 x Experiential, Ongoing Online Interactive Discussion and Home Study
Mode: Mixed
Pre-requisites: Part of the Professional Training Programme 
Assessment Methods: Assignment / Essay
Course Presenter: Patricia Collins


Available in Courses:

This module is available as part of the following courses:

Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course