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Male & Female Studies and Relationships

In this final module students are introduced to the wonders of gender dynamics


  • The four-fold human being as related to gender
  • Understanding a personal block to relationship
  • The evolution of the human being as it relates to gender and the capacity for thought
  • The masculine and feminine in sexuality
  • The four loves
  • Freedom, love and joy
  • To work experientially with relationship issues drawing together different approaches from Anthroposophy, Process Oriented Psychology and current mainstream methods

Learning Outcomes

  1. To understand the challenge of incarnating as a woman or a man today.
  2. To gain an understanding of the masculine and feminine archetypes.
  3. To have an explanation of the four types of love.
  4. Ways to overcome gender as a block to love.
  5. To work creatively with relationships.
  6. To understand the dynamics unique to relationships that need to be considered.
  7. To apply issues of rank and power to gender issues.
  8. To have dynamic skills in working with conflict.

Module Details

Dates: Semester 6
Location: Harmony Village

Course Code: 3302
Level: Advanced
Duration: 1 Semester
Format: 1 x Presentation, 2 x Experiential, Ongoing Online Interactive Discussion and Home Study
Mode: Mixed
Pre-requisites: Semesters 1 - 4 of the Undergraduate Training Program
Assessment Methods: Assignment / Essay
Course Presenter: Christina Nielsen


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This module is available as part of the following courses:

Undergraduate Training Program