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Biography and Early Childhood

This module looks at a study of the life phases based on the holistic perspective of Rudolph Steiner

Module Description

Key areas covered include: the journey principal/life myth; early childhood development and pathology; skills for biographical work in counselling and psychotherapy; and questions of destiny, karma, choice and freedom.

Using these key areas, students are encouraged to consider the phases of life and changing human needs over time while working experientially with their own story. Active dialogue and critical examination are essential throughout this module.

Module Details

Dates: Semester 3
Location: Harmony Village

Course Code: 3201
Level: Introductory
Duration: 2 Years
Format: 1 x Presentation, 2 x Experiential, Ongoing Online Interactive Discussion and Home Study
Mode: Mixed
Pre-requisites: Part of the Professional Training Programme 
Assessment Methods: Assignment / Essay
Course Presenter: Christina Nielsen


Available in Courses:

This module is available as part of the following courses:

Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course