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Effective Communication in the Workplace

Working with difficult situations and sources of conflict - yours and theirs

Module Description

This module is aimed at providing students with insight into the different levels of awareness when it comes to noticing tensions and trouble spots.  Students will work with power differentials as well as conflict, both inner and outer to gain the necessary skills to work with and have insight into certain dynamics and situations.

Module Details

Dates: Semester 1
Location: Ongoing online interaction

Course Code
Level: Undergraduate
Duration: 1 Semester
Format: Weekly Ongoing Online Interactive Discussion and Home Study
Mode: Online e-learning platform
Pre-requisites: Part of the Undergraduate Training Programme 
Assessment Methods: Assignment / Essay
Course Presenter: Christina Nielsen




  • Noticing Tensions, Trouble Spots & Difficulties 
  • The Meaning of Confidentiality, Gossip and Alliances
  • Power Dynamics & Rank
  • Working with Conflict I
  • Working with Conflict II
  • Inner Conflict
  • Enhancing Teamwork