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Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate - Six Month Online Learning

This course is ideal for individuals, or alternative holistic therapists who want to enrich their lives and practise by learning basic counselling skills from a holistic point of view.

Registrations open for 2020

download-3.jpgWho This Course Is For

  • anyone who wishes to learn about counselling from a holistic perspective.
  • Teachers, managers, business owners, who want to work sensitively and effectively with their students, clients and colleagues.
  • Complementary therapists, and yoga teachers 
  • Team leaders who want coaching and communication skills
  • People with no counselling experience  and would like to practise professionally as a counsellor at some time in the future
  • People seeking to gain personal development, transformative knowledge and spiritual awareness

Entry Requirements

There are no academic pre-requisites for our 6 month Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate Course.  

You do need to have regular access to a computer with a solid internet connection.  

Your computer skills need to be at a minimum basic.  For example you need to be able to surf webpage, post to an internet forum, view YouTube videos and send written assignments in a word processor file format.

download.jpgHow does the course work?

The Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate provides an excellent combination of study approaches to meet the needs of the modern world.

You will complete the vast majority of your study online via our Moodle E-Learning Platform.  This platform has all the tools to keep you in contact with your peers, tutors and the Metavision community. 

We believe personal interaction is an important part of your study. From the beginning we work to connect you with your peers in the course to allow for collaboration and connection in respect to the content. This is an important part of adult learning and greatly improves familiarity with the subject.

The course content is delivered on a weekly basis building your skills each week. A typical week will involve the following resources:

Teaching podcast

Teaching video

YouTube clip

Reading material in the form of PDF's

1 or 2 Exercises to be worked on during the week

The exercises are varied with an emphasis on experiential learning. They are designed to enhance your engagement with the content, to develop self-reflective practices and to learn collaboratively.  You will find the assessments highly relevant and easily applied to your everyday life. Once you have completed your work, you are encouraged to share in the online forum where you will receive weekly feedback.


Course Details

The Holistic Counselling Skills Course provides an introduction to Counselling and Communication skills through Metavision’s Holistic Worldview.

To help you become an effective communicator, these skills can be applied to your work situation as well as your personal life.

Our Holistic lens ensures that your self-awareness grows along with your interpersonal skills.

You will receive Professional Development (PD) points on the successful completion of the course.

The Holistic Counselling Skills will give you a solid foundation of knowledge that will help you in your personal life, your relationships and in your current work.

From the very beginning and all throughout the course you will be able to apply your learning to your life and work.

Course Outline 

We have structured the course into three phases.  Each phase is complete within itself and if you wanted to, you are able to study Phase One and /or Phase Two on their own as they cover very specific subject matter.

Like all great courses we adjust the material as the course evolves.  The phase subjects that we have listed below will be covered in your program.

  • 7 weeks per Phase x 3 Phases = 21 Weeks total
  • E-Learning, home study and optional attendance to a two-day workshop with your study peers
  • Assessments conducted throughout the Phases

BONUS OFFER for Holistic Counselling Skills Students -- free workshop valued at $500

Foundational Counselling Skills Workshop more information when you click on this link 

Run over two days in the Southern Highlands, this workshop will help you gain a greater understanding of the Micro-Skills of counselling.

There will be experiential exercises to deepen the knowledge that you have gained online as well as being able to connect face-to-face with your fellow students. 

Phase One

Emotional Intelligence and Foundational Counselling Skills

Teacher: Deanne Reyes

  • Deep listening and what it really means.
  • Presence, what does it mean to be there for another?
  • Foundational Skills of Counselling
  • Reflective listening and empathy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Skilful use of questions
  • Shaping a healing conversation

  • One Week Break

Phase Two

Effective Communication in the Workplace

Teacher: Deanne Reyes

  • Noticing Tensions, trouble spots and difficulties.
  • Confidentiality, gossip and alliances.
  • Power dynamics and rank
  • Working with conflict I
  • Working with conflict II
  • Inner Conflict
  • Enhancing teamwork


  • One Week Break

Phase Three

Applying Counselling and Communication Skills to Life

Teacher: Deanne Reyes

  • Self reflective practices.
  • Meta Skills of counselling and therapeutic alliance.
  • Embracing diversity.
  • Extending counselling skills I.
  • Extending counselling skills II and appropriate referral.
  • Developing your natural writing voice.
  • The nuts and bolts of academic writing.

  • End of Course

Course Dates





Phase 1

6th February -  19th March

Phase 2

 2nd April -  14th May

Phase 3

30th May - 2nd July 





Phase 1

9th July  - 20th August

Phase 2

27th August - 8th October

Phase 3

15th October - 26th November


FCS Workshops



28th - 29th February 




1st - 2nd August


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Course Fees

The cost of this six month course is $2,950.  Your Application Fee of $175 is additional to the course cost.

We offer you a BONUS 2 day Foundation Skills Workshop valued at $500. 

Payment Plans are available.  

Free Introductory Course

Want some hands-on experience of what the Metavision Institute is about?  Try our FREE online course for an introduction to the style and substance of our renowned Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Program.

It is broken down into 4 sessions, each one providing you with insight into our influences, our teaching methods and then closing with an exercise for you to experience the teachings.

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Metavision Core Philosophies

We use the Metavision Model which has a foundation in Process Oriented Psychology and the Deep Democracy of Arnold Mindell, as well as the Spiritual Science and teachings of Rudolf Steiner.   Combined with quantum physics, Eastern philosophy and Jungian depth-psychology, our teachings provides a pathway to the deeper realms of Soul and Spirit. It gives a solid foundation on which you can build a toolkit of experience to form a truly holistic approach to your work.

We aim to awaken intuition, imagination and inspiration while we teach the core skills of Holistic Counselling and Communication.