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Holistic Psychotherapy Training Course, Study Online & Distance

Professional Training - Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course - 2 Years

Our renowned Professional Training for Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course is a PACFA accredited course. This course is suited for post-graduate professional training, and offers the opportunity for anyone to qualify as a holistic counsellor or holistic psychotherapist.

Course Overview

Our Professional Training Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course is a PACFA accredited course. This course is suited for post-graduate professional training, and is the ideal course for anyone wishing to qualify as holistic counsellor or holistic psychotherapistOur counsellor training program offers you an opportunity to excel in your chosen field with confidence and ability.

While this course is specifically designed for robust professional training, the techniques are ideal for every day use and adaptable to a wide variety of applications.

You will develop an enriched understanding of the subtle relationship between your self and your world. These insights will expand your perspective, ensuring your work will also help others to connect more deeply with themselves and their communities.

More and more clients today are asking for an integrated holistic approach to matters of health and well-being. The Metavision graduate practitioner will be there to meet this emerging need.

This course has been developed from a unique combination of philosophies and practices that best unite a holistic understanding of human life. From the new sciences of the heart, brain and biology we explore the mind-body connection. We link this to our understanding of the subtle energies of the body, consciousness studies, and process-oriented psychology. 

“What is within surrounds you.”
RM Rilke

Core Philosophies


We use the Metavision Model which has a foundation in Process Oriented Psychology and the Deep Democracy of Arnold Mindell, as well as the Spiritual Science and teachings of Rudolf Steiner.   Combined with quantum physics, Eastern philosophy and Jungian depth-psychology, our teachings provides a pathway to the deeper realms of Soul and Spirit. It gives a solid foundation on which you can build a toolkit of experience to form a truly holistic approach to your work.

Who this course is for:

  • people wishing to gain an industry-accredited post graduate qualification in counselling and psychotherapy. 
  • health professionals such as counsellors, psychologists, social workers, doctors, complementary medical therapists and nurses, who wish to expand and enrich their counselling and psychotherapy skills. 
  • professionals including lawyers, educators, HR managers, business and community leaders, who need to extend their conflict management and interpersonal skills.
  • men and women seeking a career change and wishing to strengthen their self-awareness, leadership and people skills
  • mature age students or young people (over 25) seeking to gain personal development, transformative knowledge and spiritual awareness.

Job Prospects

 The Australian Government's Job Outlook service reports that job graduate prospects for counsellors are strong.

Employment for this occupation rose strongly (in percentage terms) in the past five years and rose strongly in the long-term (ten years). Looking forward, employment for Counsellors to November 2020 is expected to grow very strongly.

This is very encouraging, and graduates can expect to find jobs in a variety of areas.

Counsellors are mainly employed in: Health Care and Social Assistance; Education and Training; and Public Administration and Safety.

More information on Job Outlook can be found here:


Psychotherapists (included in the Psychologist category)

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Course Format

The Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course is taught via 12 modules over two years of full-time equivelant study. This involves a mix of on campus intensives and home study via eLearning and a peer learning or 'study buddy' arrangement.

There are three on campus intensives each year, two of these are seven days and the last one is only three days.

  • There is a seven day intensive at the start of each semester, during which the content for the three corresponding modules is covered, so six modules are covered over two semesters in the year.
  • The final three day intensive recaps and reviews the years work and each students progress through the course.

Assignments and grading take place via interacting with the online components for each module.

The course requires approximately 16 hours of weekly commitment to adequately meet the study and assessment requirements. 

Study Details

  • Each year consists of 2 intensives of 7 days each and a 3 - 4 day "Viva" or revision intensive.
  • Intensives are held at our study location, Harmony Village, in the Southern Highlands .
  • The course includes an extensive home study program, allowing for the homework to be done at your own pace.
  • Home study is supported by our eLearning platform, allowing access to teachers, assistants, peers and all of the study material required for the course.


At least 80% of face-to-face teaching hours are required unless you have pre-arranged RPL (recognized prior learning).  If you are unable to attend any of the classes it is a requirement that you contact us and advise.

Introductory Information Sessions

You will be able to speak to and hear from the Academic Director and gain a deeper insight into the quality of our education and the courses that we offer.  These are run in Sydney and Bowral.

Click here for more information.

Course Dates





Thursday 8th & Friday 9th of March


Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd of July

Year One (PTP181)



Semester 1

Intensive 1

Saturday 10th – Friday 16th of March


Semester 2

Intensive 2

Saturday 14th – Friday 20th of July

Intensive 3

Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th of November

Year Two (PTP171)



Semester 3

Intensive 4

Saturday 17th – Friday 23rd of February


Semester 4

Intensive 5

Saturday 16th – Friday 22nd of June

Intensive 6

Friday 9th – Monday 12th of November





Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th of March


Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st of July

Year One (PTP191)



Semester 1

Intensive 1

Monday 11th – Sunday 17th of March


Semester 2

Intensive 2

Saturday 29th – Friday 5th of July

Intensive 3

Friday 1st – Monday 4th of November

Year Two (PTP181)



Semester 3

Intensive 4

Saturday 16th – Saturday 23rd of February


Semester 4

Intensive 5

Saturday 15th – Saturday 22nd of June

Intensive 6

Friday 8th – Monday 11th of November


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Entry Requirements

This is an industry accredited post-graduate professional training course and requires students to have a relevant undergraduate degree or a minimum of 10 years experience working with people. 

We do offer alternative pathways into this course. We encourage everyone who is interested to enquire about available options or please see the Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate which can be taken as a stand alone or as the foundation to further training (Undergraduate Training Program).

*It should be understood that this is an emotionally demanding course, assessment for readiness is part of the interview process. The course will offer you the chance to challenge your beliefs, and to grow and reach for your potential.

  • A relevant university qualification plus counselling skills & experience
  • Recognised prior learning (RPL)
  • A relevant university qualification without counselling skills & experience
  • Recognised prior learning (RPL) plus Basic Counselling Skills Module OR Holistic Counselling Skills Course
  • NB: This is a guide, your actual course commitments will be assessed during your interview based on your qualifications, work experience, additional study and life experience.

  • Foundational Counselling Skills

    Students with no prior counselling skills will be required to attend a 2 day workshop and complete an assessment on Foundational Counselling Skills. Students are assessed during the interview process to ascertain if they need to attend this course.

    Course Accreditation

    This course is accredited by the peak industry body PACFA's rigorous process. We are not Higher Education accredited or a Registered Training Organization.