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Facilitation Webinar Series

Working with Groups can present a myriad of challenges. Facilitation is a craft that is increasingly required to meet these challenges across a variety of workplaces, sectors, and roles.

More than ever, people are needing to come together to work with complexity, change and uncertainty to meet the challenges we face today, where more than a paint by numbers approach to facilitation is required to reach sustainable outcomes.

In hearing this call, Metavision has combined its unique holistic way of working with three of their highly skilled and experienced teachers to offer; holistic perspectives on facilitation and its different applications, Webinar Series.

Each presenter will share:

  • their unique journey to becoming a facilitator
  • a contextual overview of one area of facilitation in which they specialise
  • an experiential exercise for the group to engage in practical learning
  • a take away tool for application in range of settings.

Now running

Our 2020 Facilitation Webinar Series is now FULL

Please enquire with us for future offerings.

See below details of what we are delivering this year.

A few perspectives on holistic facilitation and its different applications

You will emerge from this professional development webinar series with:

  • Exposure to three experienced and inspirational facilitators and their journeys to becoming facilitators.
  • The opportunity to join a like-minded community of learners within a holistic framework.
  • Insight into three different contexts for facilitation and the approach appropriate to these contexts.
  • Experience of facilitation in action through participation in a group exercise.
  • A tangible tool to take away and apply in your professional setting.
  • Certificate of attendance for professional development points.

This facilitation webinar series is designed to inspire individuals to view facilitation through a holistic lens and understand different contexts where holistic facilitation can be successfully applied in rapidly changing world conditions.


Our Zoom Facilitation Webinars:

Webinar 1: An Overview of Worldwork - a Process Oriented Approach to Facilitating Groups
Presenter: Heike Hamann
Thursday 17th September, 2020,
9.00am - 11.00am AEST

Webinar 2: Facilitation for/within Networks for Impact
Presenter: Elsa Henderson
Thursday 22nd October, 2020
9.00am - 11.00am AEST

Webinar 3: What is Holistic Facilitation
Presenter: Dr Christina Nielsen
Thursday 19th November, 2020
9.00am - 11.00am AEST

More information about the webinars & facilitators:

Webinar 1 - An Overview of Worldwork - A Process Oriented Approach to Facilitating Groups

Facilitator: Heike Hamann

Facilitating group processes, especially when they are ‘hot’, can be challenging. Process Oriented Psychology offers a model for facilitating group processes, called Worldwork, which honours and encourages all roles present in the field to be expressed and deepened, enabling meaningful interactions, deeper understandings, increased awareness and resolutions to be found.

In this webinar a structure for facilitating a group process will be introduced, via a combination of theory and in the moment practice. Most applicable to a community context, versions of this structure can also be used in Town Forums and organisational settings. Participants will walk away with a basic overview of the main elements of Worldwork, and with tangible tools in dealing with ‘hotspots’.


A bit about Heike Hamann

Heike has been facilitating group processes in community, sporting and organisational settings for almost 30 years. With an academic background in engineering and Process Oriented Psychology, she applies her skills and experience to ‘track the primary process’ of the group involved, and facilitate in such a way that stretches the group to their ‘edges’, but doesn’t break them.

Heike lives in an Ecovillage in the Currumbin Valley, and has played a founding role in the set up of the community. She has worked for 20 years as a management consultant as a leadership coach, project manager, change manager and business improvement specialist in the public and private sectors, including health, manufacturing, renewables, rail and mining. She is now focusing on her private practice as a psychotherapist and coach.

When she is not working Heike enjoys connecting deeply with her partner and friends, surfing, cooking, nature, yoga and alone time.

Heike can be contacted via heikehamann@gmail.com.


Webinar 2: Facilitation for/within Networks for Impact

How can we find ways of working together and pathways forward in the face of complex issues?

Many opportunities and issues groups face arise from multiple root causes. Engaging with these issues can be challenging due to diverse perspectives, a wide range of actors, and time constraints. In spaces of collaboration, the capacity to perceive and engage systems holistically can support the facilitation of complex issues, as well as increase learning and connection. 

One way to access this holistic awareness is through networks. Networks are an inherent structure present in all living systems. We see networks in the natural world in forms such as mycelium, and in society through social networks, such as our family, and social media platforms such as facebook. 

In this 2- hour class intro class we will briefly explore network mindset, network theory, and how collaborative networks can support connection, learning, and action. Network structures can be built, cultivated, and amplified. 

By engaging the network potential present in any system, through strategy, coordination, and facilitation, we can increase the flow of communication and collaboration.

A bit about Elsa Henderson

Elsa works internationally as a facilitator and consultant, supporting learning and action networks for social impact. She is committed to working with individuals and teams to actualize their potential through aligning with purpose, deepening connection, and creating structures that foster collaboration. Elsa’s passion and experience lie in utilizing her love for cultivating communication and invoking immersive learning, to generate ideas for collective flourishing. She is faculty at the Metavision Institute and a consultant at Converge for Impact.


Webinar 3: What is Holistic Facilitation

How do you bring a ‘Metavision’ to the facilitation process? How do we gain a meaningful overview, a holistic perspective of the group and the group process? How does the cultivation of an innerwork practice by the facilitator support the development of their unique facilitation style and approach?

Whenever you are with a group, there is a process that is wanting to happen. As a facilitator, you can learn to attune to this process, enter into it and unfold it. It creates a flow in the field that isn’t fixed, it is dynamic, moving, universal and specific in a way that can meet the highest aims of the group.

A holistic approach to facilitation is one that honours the collaborative learning and co-creative process of each individual within the group, and provides a space for the diversity of backgrounds of all its members to shape the process. It is an approach which also supports the development of the unique style of each facilitator and the environment in which they are operating.

This webinar explores the elements of a comprehensive holistic approach to facilitation including the inner work required of facilitators. It will support them to begin to cultivate their unique style of facilitation for the environment they are called to meet. Holistic awareness leads to holistic facilitation as is needed for 21st century challenges.

A bit about Christina Nielsen

Christina has over 40 years of holistic practise experience where she has developed a wealth of knowledge in the fields of Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Psycho-somatic work.

Out of her lifelong interest in the human condition and belief that the traditional Western methods of viewing patients is an incomplete picture, she has worked to synthesize holistic paradigms from eastern and western traditions, culminating in an approach of integrating health, psychological insights and personal and professional development in a unique holistic approach.

As founder of the Metavision Institute, Christina’s wide-ranging skills and experience have been drawn upon to develop the Metavision model for professional and personal development in holistic counselling, psychotherapy and facilitation training. Christina continues to broaden her understanding of the wellness continuum.

My background is in therapy and I never really saw myself as a facilitator, however, my path thrust me into facilitation. I have recognised and learnt along the way that we can’t know where our life path will take us, but if we find the courage to follow the signals that life sends us, we will be taken to places that will extend us and deepen our connection with our work.