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Facilitation for a Flourishing Future

A Metavision Approach

 Metavision - Facilitation for a Flourishing Future


A Metavision Approach - more in the below link

Presented by: Dr. Christina Nielsen(CM) MApps Sci. PW. Dipl), Sarah Pant (BA, GradDipPsychTh), and Elsa Henderson (MA, PW. Dipl)

Groups can present a myriad of challenges.  Facilitation is a craft that is increasingly required across a variety of workplaces, sectors, and roles. More and more people are needing to come together to work with complexity, change and uncertainty. The challenges of today require more than a paint by numbers approach to facilitation.

A Metavision approach to facilitation explores the innate solutions embedded in group tensions to reveal more sustainable ways forward.  Our approach is sensitive to the needs of each unique situation and trains you to be nuanced and adaptive as a facilitator. 

You will emerge from this training with: 

  • Practical Frameworks: To help you approach, track and make sense of common facilitation situations and conversations.
  • Tangible Skills and Tools: For working with conflict, holding the group to goals and outcomes, create groups that engage with feedback, self reflect and have a growth mindset
  • Integrating Learning: Through real world, on the ground practice
  • Mindsets and Ways of Being: Enabling you to adapt and respond skilfully and authentically to rapidly changing environments and contexts. A clear sense of your facilitation presence - your unique qualities that can be consciously harnessed and wielded to the benefit of the group. 

The course emphasises experiential learning. The development of your awareness and emotional intelligence, through inner work, is a foundational part of the training. 

This training is appropriate for people working in a variety of settings such as clinical and therapeutic groups, working with multi-stakeholder teams, in corporate and non-profit organisations and facilitating networks.

Led by: Dr. Christina Nielsen Ch. Med (MApps Sci. PW. Dipl), Sarah Pant (BA, GradDipPsychTh), and Elsa Henderson (MA, PW. Dipl)


Individual: $6,000 

Business: $7,500 

Metavision Student/Graduate: $5,500

***Payment plan options available

Package Price for Teams (2 or more): To be negotiated with Metavision

Metavision Student/Graduate: $5,500


Our recent Zoom Webinar
An Introduction to Facilitation
with Sarah Pant & Christina Nielsen


This webinar is suitable for anyone working with clients or even just working with yourself. 

Sarah and Christina discussed what Facilitation and coaching looks like through the Metavision lens. Discussing fundamental principles that can be applied to organisational, corporate work as well as other group work.