Diversity Webinar Series


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2x 2 Hour Seminars

Diversity Webinar Series

The #Me Too and #Black Lives Matter movements have shone a light on the importance of our ability to work with diversity as well as create culturally safe workplaces, communities and learning environments.

This requires us to have a clear and robust framework in how we view diversity as well as the clarity which enables us to utilise the authority within our roles effectively. Additionally, structural discrimination and historic oppression further complicates these dynamics because it means elements of privilege and power reside not only with individuals, but are also determined by the ‘cultural soup’ in which we all live. This makes understanding of these dynamics essential for therapists, facilitators, leaders and community builders. 

$100 for both days. It's a single seminar spread over 2 sessions.

Know your dates and be prepared.

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Cost: $100 for the series

Seminar One - 13th Feb 10am - 12pm AEDT

Seminar Two - 27th Feb - 2pm -4pm AEDT


Working with Diversity webinar will cover: 

  • A framework of how to view the challenges of diversity and inclusion. 
  • The key attitudes and ‘metaskills’ which enhance our work in this area. 
  • How therapists, facilitators and leaders can better access their own skills and power to increase the effectiveness of how they work with diversity. 

These workshops will consist of presented theory, personal reflections as well as opportunities to present cases and/or get supervision around a challenge you are experiencing with diversity and/or inclusion (so please bring along a case you would like to work on and get some support around). 


Errol Amerasekera

Errol has a Masters degree in Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change and works primarily within elite sport, in the areas of culture, leadership and high-performance. He also has a B.Sci., a B.App.Sci. and is a Diplomate in Process Oriented Psychology. 

Errol has over 15 years experience working as a consultant, trainer and senior facilitator. He has worked with organisations, schools, NGOs, as well as in international war zones such as Sri-Lanka. He applies his business management experience to sports organisations in Australia and overseas to assist them to manage the complex and competing demands of delivering sustainable high-performance. 

He is passionate about creating a safer and more just world for all by mediating conflict, coaching ethical leadership, and facilitating transformation in individuals, elite teams and organisations. 

Errol is a keynote speaker on the connection between leadership, culture and high-performance and the value of a human-centric and relationship focused approach to sustained success