Certificate in Facilitation

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Mixed-mode, intensives and online study


1 year

Certificate in Facilitation

Facilitation is a craft that is increasingly required across a variety of workplaces, sectors, and roles.

Groups can present a myriad of challenges. More and more people are needing to come together to work with complexity, change and uncertainty. The challenges of today require more than a paint by numbers approach to facilitation.

A Metavision approach to facilitation explores the innate solutions embedded in group tensions to reveal more sustainable ways forward. Our approach is sensitive to the needs of each unique situation and trains you to be nuanced and adaptive as a facilitator.

See below for course structure, dates and costs. Note there is a discount for businesses registering 3 or more staff members and Metavision Alumni, please enquire with us for payment details.

We are also accepting enrolment into just Phase 1 of the course. Following completion of Phase 1 there is an option to continue with the course, however, it requires commitment to the final 2 phases. Entry will not be accepted mid-way though the course.

Facilitation for a Flourishing Future

You will emerge from this training with:

  • Practical Frameworks that will help you approach, track and make sense of common facilitation situations and conversations.
  • Tangible Skills and Tools for working with conflict, holding the group to goals and outcomes, creating groups that engage with feedback and self-reflection which supports the emergence of a growth mindset
  • Integrated Learning through real world, practical on the ground practice and experience
  • Mindsets and Ways of Being that enable you to adapt and respond skilfully and authentically to rapidly changing environments and contexts. You will also develop a clear sense of your facilitation presence including your unique qualities which can be consciously harnessed and wielded for the benefit of the group.

The training emphasises experiential learning. A foundational element of the training is the practice of inner work, which will support the development of your awareness and emotional intelligence. These inner conditions are necessary for your presence, and to develop confidence in your authentic facilitation style.

You will be supported to:

  • Develop your unique and authentic facilitation style
  • Turn your passion into action through the craft of facilitation
  • Facilitate the conversations that matter to you
  • Learn to identify, articulate and respond to the need in your organisation, sector, community or the world
  • Individualised learning outcomes
  • Experiential learning environment
  • A focus on getting you into action
  • Develop your awareness and emotional intelligence through inner work
  • Through peer-learning & mentoring be supported to take the next step(s) toward your facilitation goals

This training is perfect for anyone who want to; work more effectively with people and/or those who support change and awareness in business, education, government or the not-for-profit sector.


3 Intensives in person (March, July & Oct.)
Location: Southern Highlands, NSW

Intensive 1: Introduction to process-oriented facilitation
Monday 1st to Friday 5th March

Intensive 2: Deepening skills & applications for holistic facilitation
Monday 12th - Friday 16th July

Intensive 3: Your unique facilitator style & application
Monday 25th - Friday 29th October


  • 2 x small group mentoring sessions
  • 2 x whole group learning labs (zooms 1.5-2hrs)
  • 4 x peer group sessions (1 hour)
  • Access to our online learning platform
Experienced facilitators & teachers from diverse backgrounds

Meet our facilitation teachers

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Heike Hamann

Heike has been facilitating group processes in community, sporting and organisational settings for almost 30 years. With an academic background in engineering and Process Oriented Psychology, she applies her skills and experience to ‘track the primary process’ of the group involved, and facilitate in such a way that stretches the group to their ‘edges’, but doesn’t break them.

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Elsa Henderson

Elsa moves between the roles of facilitator, coach and educator. She is committed to working with individuals and groups to actualize their potential. Drawing on her background in process-oriented and depth psychology, and love for living systems and network thinking, Elsa partners with clients to align with purpose and deepen self-understanding. This alignment fosters clarity and enhances collaboration.

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Sarah Pant

A psychotherapist, change specialist, organisational development consultant, executive coach and group facilitator, Sarah brings over thirteen years experience and a conscious creativity to every endeavour.

Her key areas of expertise lie in professional development of emerging leaders, conflict facilitation, and the creative dynamics and process of change.

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Christina Nielsen

Christina has over 40 years of holistic practise experience where she has developed a wealth of knowledge in the fields of Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Psycho-somatic work. Out of her lifelong interest in the human condition and belief that the traditional Western methods of viewing patients is an incomplete picture, she has worked to synthesize holistic paradigms from eastern and western traditions, culminating in an approach of integrating health, psychological insights and personal and professional development in a unique holistic approach.

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Full course: Cost per person $7,000 AUD*

Business registering 3 or more people cost is $6,500 AUD pp

*Discounted rate for alumni of our Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy course, contact us for details

Phase 1 only: Cost per person $2333.34 AUD (no discounts apply).