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Study Counselling Courses online at the Metavision Institute


Metavision offers the most rewarding pathway to a truly holistic PACFA accredited qualification & invaluable skills to apply to work and life.

Our Courses


Free Introductory Course

Free Introductory Course

4 sessions online

This FREE online course is an introduction to the style and substance of our renowned Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Program.

It is broken down into 4 sessions, each one providing you with insight into our influences, our teaching methods and then closing with an exercise for you to experience the teachings.

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Basic Counselling Skills Certificate

Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate

6 Month On-Line Learning

6 months online

The Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate (HCS) will cultivate and sharpen your individual insights and refine vital communication skills necessary in the modern world.

You will gain a strong foundation in counselling that can lead on to professional training or bolster work in any profession where human connections and human values are central to success.

The HCS can be used as an entry pathway to our three year Professional Training Program (PTP) for those with no previous counselling skills.

This course is run predominantly online and is perfect for people wanting to study from rural areas and overseas.

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Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course

Professional Training Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course

2 years - Postgraduate
PACFA Accredited 

Our professional training program gives a solid foundation in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy. It is a course that enriches, extends and augments any appropriate prior training and life experience and opens the possibility of professional practice connected to an Australia-wide network of practising professionals.

The course has a particular focus on soulful, holistic and process oriented (process work) methods taught through groundbreaking experiential learning techniques and practises.

Professional Training Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course - 3 Years Undergraduate Program

3 Years - Undergraduate
PACFA Accredited

Specifically designed for those who do not have the necessary relevant undergraduate degree or work experience to enter at the post-graduate level, or those who choose this pathway to give a more extensive training in counselling and clinical skills than the two year course offers.

On completing this three year PACFA accredited course, you would be eligible to become a member of an association under PACFA, obtain indemnity insurance and begin to practice Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Process Work Advanced Professional Development Seminar Series

2 - 3 Years

This series of seminars will apply Arnold Mindell’s most current Second Training, to clinical skills, Leadership, Facilitation and Holistic Health awareness, in a collaborative, alchemical and experimental way.

Our team of skilled facilitators and practitioners will offer participants an opportunity to develop skills in Processwork and Process Mind for clinical and organisational settings, for Professional Development (with PD points) and Self-Development.

This course is an initiative of a group of experienced Process Workers from Portland and Australia.


Our counselling courses provide a clear pathway for anyone wanting to gain a recognised qualification and practise counselling as a professional.

While these courses are specifically designed to train counsellors, the skills we teach are suitable for everyday use and enrich daily life: relationships, inner harmony and self awareness and are ideal for any profession where people are central to success. 

Holistic Approach

Our holistic focus puts the human back at the center of clinical practise and helps the practitioner (or individual) become the rock that they need to be when dealing with complex issues and adversity.

Today, people want a more holistic approach to their wellbeing. If a person has a crisis, they know it’s not just a problem that’s affecting their mind, but one that involves their heart, body, soul and spirit. Counselling and psychotherapy are most effective when conducted in the context of the whole persona's health and wellbeing, not just in their mental health.

Why Metavision?

If you choose to study with us you will

  • benefit from our individualised and experiential approach to education.
  • make important connections and meet like minded people.
  • gain a useful and valuable qualification.

and above all you will:

  • know yourself better,
  • find true direction, and
  • improve your self-awareness, confidence and communication skills.

What sets our approach apart is our unifying holistic philosophy that brings together Process Oriented Psychology, studies in consciousness, the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner, and aspects of Chinese Medicine.

Our students say they are deeply inspired by the depth and breadth of their learning, their own personal growth, and the strength of the skills they learn to offer humanity.

Our graduate practitioners are educated and trained to address a growing need: people wanting to understand themselves and heal on all levels. The human values of connection, communication, imagination and inspiration are central to our work.

Study Pathways


  • A relevant university qualification plus counselling skills & experience
  • Recognised prior learning (RPL)
  • A relevant university qualification without counselling skills & experience
  • Recognised prior learning (RPL) plus Basic Counselling Skills Module OR Holistic Counselling Skills Course
  • Non-relevant university qualification
  • Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy Course (UTP) - Year One
  • NB: This is a guide, your actual course commitments will be assessed during your interview based on your qualifications, work experience, additional study and life experience.



    Hear from some of our former students, as they explain what they learned while at Metavision, and how they were transformed personally as well as professionally.

    I have been having supervision with Christina for a few years now and it has been invaluable for my practice and for life in general. I can bring personal challenges as well as client issues to supervision. Christina deals with these in such a supportive knowledgeable way. Her wealth of experience is extremely useful and I learn something about myself every time.


    Supervision with Metavision has allowed me to analyse my own reactions to encounters with a patient, a relative or a staff member. I am now able to assess my own performance on a daily basis with a more skilful eye. My personal satisfaction with the job has greatly improved and I have decided to stay working at Palliative Care after all.

    Dr Baines
    St Vincents Hospital, Sydney

    When seeking a course in Counselling & Psychotherapy I had some specific requirements. Firstly I wanted experiential learning. Secondly, I've long had an interest in spirituality, I wanted something spiritual. And finally I wanted training that was contemporary & evolving, was a part of a larger global community, neither too far left or right but balanced. Metavision met all of my wishes and, exceeded them.

    David Brown

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