Courses & Seminars

Our Core Philosophies

If you are looking to become a holistic counsellor or holistic psychotherapist, you have come to the right place. Since 2004 the Metavision Institute has been solely focussed on providing the best training in holistic counselling and psychotherapy available in Sydney, Australia or anywhere in the world.

For the highest quality experiential learning in holistic education look no further than our PACFA accredited 6 month, 2 and 3 year courses. Our professional training program equips practitioners with the skills they need to face the growing demands of mental healthcare support in the ever changing world.

Join us on a journey of learning, self-discovery and transformation as you grow to reach your potential in the field of holistic psychotherapy. Become part of our vibrant community of holistic healthcare professionals through one of the programs below and evolve with us.

We use the Metavision Model which has a foundation in Process Oriented Psychology and the Deep Democracy of Arnold Mindell, as well as the Spiritual Science and teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Combined with quantum physics, Eastern philosophy and Jungian depth-psychology, our teachings provides a pathway to the deeper realms of Soul and Spirit. It gives a solid foundation on which you can build a toolkit of experience to form a truly holistic approach to your work.