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Student Application Form for 2 and 3 Year PTP/UTP

Please fill out the form below and proceed to payment of your Application Fee (PTP/UTP).

Course Selection *

Personal Details

Given Name(s) *
Surname *
Preferred Name
Date of Birth

Passport Photo

We would appreciate if you could provide us with a current passport style photo of yourself. This is optional however we feel it helps us to understand you better and to provide a more personal application and interview process.

Contact Details

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Email *
Mailing Address *
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Status *
Year of Arrival
Native Language (if not English)
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English Level
Are you in Australia on a Humanitarian Visa

Secondary Education

What is your highest completed secondary school year? *
School Attended
Year Graduated

Post-Secondary Eduction

Please list the post-secondary qualifications, relevant courses and seminars you have completed or that are currently attending.

Qualification #1

Completion Date

Qualification #2

Completion Date

Qualification #3

Date Completed

Attached verified copies of qualifications (PTP only) Verified copies are required for acceptance into the course. These copies must be signed by a professional having seen the originals. This person may be:
  • a Justice of the Peace with a registration number
  • an accountant
  • a bank manager
  • a barrister, solicitor or attorney
  • a police officer
  • a postal manager
  • a principal of a school
  • a pharmacist
  • a medical practitioner or specialist
  • a registered nurse
  • a defence force officer
Qualification Upload #1
Qualification Upload #2
Qualification Upload #3

Work History Summary

Resume Attached
NB: A CV is only required if you are applying for the Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course (PTP)

Employment Reference Attached

NB: A reference is required if you are applying to the Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course (Undergraduate) without a relevant undergraduate degree.

Your Reasons for Study with Metavision

What draws you to study in this field at the Metavision Institute? *
What personal and professional outcomes do you hope to achieve through your studies with Metavision? *

How did you first hear about us? *


Terms & Conditions

In submitting this form I declare that:

  • ALL information submitted on this application form is honest, true and correct.
  • I recognise that this course comes with financial obligations and agree to meet those as they arise.
  • I authorise the Metavision Institute to verify the authenticity of my academic/professional qualifications.
  • I am responsible to inform Metavision of any changes to my personal details (i.e. name, address, phone and email).
  • I am responsible to inform Metavision of any changes to my circumstances that have an impact on my studies, including my capacity to met my financial obligations to the Metavision Institute.
  • I understand that if any information provided is incorrect, my application may be nullified.