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Ronan O’Connor


  • Academic Staff.


M.App Sc. Social Ecology, B. Adult Education.


Ronan is responsible for all training within the Ted Noffs Foundation. This Foundation is one of the larger non-government organisations working with adolescents dealing with addiction, mental health and criminality issues in Australia. The range of projects within Ted Noffs is broad, running from work in remote indigenous communities to structured adolescent residential programs.

Ronan utilises the prisms of anthroposophy and human development as conduits to understanding these subjects. He has had roles in a wide variety of positions as an adult educator, from private provider to the coordination of a Registered Training Organisation. Regenerative systems within community and in the environment have been a passion for Ronan in his work in Europe and Australia over two decades. Ronan lectures in the Metavision Institute in the fields of male female studies and addiction.