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Elsa Henderson

MA and Diplomate in Process-Oriented Psychology; BA in Anthropology


Elsa Henderson is a facilitator, coach and educator based in Portland, Oregon. Her focus lies in conflict facilitation, network weaving and training development. She is a diplomate of Process Oriented Psychology and loves the predictable and unpredictable ways of people. Passionate about meeting the challenges of our current times, Elsa focuses on uncovering the emerging dynamics in individuals and groups, mapping complexity and deepening collaboration.

Elsa works internationally, teaching at the post-graduate level and facilitating in corporate and non-profit organisations as well as teaching process work and facilitation at Metavision.

She specialises in complex change, emergent process and transformational work. Elsa has a passion for systems thinking and leveraging the potential embedded within tensions toward momentum and sustained impact.

Elsa is a partner with Turning Forward, "an international network partner organisation, providing facilitation, personal and professional development and coaching for leaders, teams and people-oriented organisations based on our ability to accompany complex transformations, in order to support your power to live your dreams."

Along my journey, I have discovered that each individual, as well as each team, holds a field of potential, innate direction, and path toward development. Tapping into and unfolding this intrinsic direction is my passion. This unfolding is unique and multi-leveled, often arising at the fringes of our awareness. Bringing information arising at the fringes into the centre, broadens collective awareness, enhances creativity, and enriches the culture of individuals and groups. Increasing awareness expands our capacity to flow with challenges, find meaning in difficulty, and embrace and live our full potential.

Elsa's focus is to support individuals, groups and teams to increase their impact, through clear communication and deepening of relationships. She specialises in, communication, conflict facilitation, visioning, and leadership development.