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Deanne Reyes


  • Assistant to Christina Nielsen.
  • Student Liaison.
  • Facilitates the Foundational Counselling Skills workshop
  • Teaches  Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate


Adv. Dipl. Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy


After graduating from the Metavision course in 2011, Deanne continued on as a teaching assistant, growing into the role of Student Liaison for all Metavision courses, she is also an integral part of the team within the Metavision hub and runs her own private practice.

With a background in management within the Biomedical equipment industry, Deanne's decision to change careers was based on experiences throughout her life that were not always within her control. This is a common theme with a lot of the students that seek to study with Metavision due to the transformative nature of the course. Her passion for communication and in particular, the Metavision Model has helped her transition from her previous career into her current role where she embodies this model, while working with people from all walks of life.

Deanne teaches the Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate under Christina's mentorship, and also presents the two-day Foundational Counselling Skills workshop.