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Dr. David Russell


  • Chair,  Academic Board.
  • Curriculum Development Committee. 


B.Sc Hons, PhD (Psychology).


Dr. David Russell was an Associate Professor (Adjunct) in the School of Psychology at the University of Western Sydney until his retirement in 2009. His orientation to psychology, in both teaching and research, is one of emphasising the phenomenology of any dynamic network of images and the ambivalent emotions underlying these images. Such disturbances have been the focus of his professional practice: psychotherapy, teaching, and research. David has a private practice in Sydney where he offers psychotherapy based on a psychodynamic and whole-of-body understanding of psychology (theory and practice). His research work (including published papers) has included: organisational leadership, fearful events, trauma, and conversational therapy. David teaches in the Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy at the Metavision Institute with a focus on Freud and Jung.