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Christina Nielsen


  • Founder.
  • Managing Director.
  • Academic Director.


BSW, BAC, M App Sci, Cert of Advanced Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine in Hangzhou (China) Process Oriented Psychology (Phase 1). Member AACMA, MH AASW, AAMA


Christina is a qualified and passionate holistic therapist who uses a mix of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Anthroposophic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her lifelong interest in the human condition and belief that the traditional Western methods of viewing patients provides an incomplete picture, fuels her ongoing study in universities and colleges from Australia, to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and China.

Building on her early years in Social Work and ongoing studies in Chinese Medicine, Anthroposophy and Process Oriented Psychology, Christina has continued to broaden her understanding of the wellness continuum. Out of her varied experiences, Christina understands that one approach does not suffice when it comes to the complexity of healing.

She has worked for over 30 years to synthesize these paradigms eventually finding a way of integrating health, psychological insights and personal and professional development in a unique holistic approach that meets the needs of a rapidly changing world. This now finds expression in educating at the Metavision Institute.

Postgraduate research for a Masters degree led to incorporating adult learning styles into process orientated supervision and teaching methods. Christina’s wide-ranging skills and experience have been drawn upon to develop the new model for professional and personal development. She has published papers on the use of these methods and is an experienced teacher of counselling, psychotherapy and Chinese medicine. Christina has supervised diverse professionals both individually and in groups, including allied health professionals, teachers, doctors, complimentary therapists and managers for over 20 years.

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