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About the Metavision Institute


Who is the Metavision Institute and what do we stand for?

Our Place in the World

The Metavision Institute has grown out of the need to heal the effects of living in a fragmented world—made starkly visible in the rapidly rising statistics regarding mental ill health.

To start, we see the universe as sacred, with laws that govern and connect everything. To see the human being through the lens of eco-spirituality, soul and body awareness and as a part of a sacred universe helps to heal despair, depression, isolation and alienation. Empowering one's place in the scheme of things, giving purpose and meaning—even in the face of the most difficult situations.

The unique combination of skills that form the basis of the Professional Training in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy have arisen from many years of searching, studying and applying holistic approaches to these very issues by the Metavision Institute's founder Dr Christina Nielsen (Chinese Medicine).

Academic Governance

Our academic structure ensures the highest quality education. We have quality assurance measures that are overseen by the Academic Board, which is informed by the Teaching and Learning committee to foster coherence and integrity in our teaching staff. Our assessment methods bring this important part of education in line with our holistic learning environment.


The Governance Board is responsible for the Institute as an educational provider and oversees all business decisions. The Institute has a robust and dynamic governance structure that allows it to pursue excellence in academic integrity, while making sound business decisions and stay innovative.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to enhance human potential through enquiry and practice of eco-spirituality, soul intent and body awareness within a context of evolutionary consciousne (read on). 

Our vision is to promote a perspective that is truly holistic where the universe is seen as sacred with laws that are embedded in every aspect of life (read on)

Teaching Staff

The Metavision teaching staff hail from a variety of professional backgrounds. Each is highly skilled and qualified in their area of expertise and bring a unique set of teachings that reflect the core values of Metavision. Their vision is one of global and world change through knowledge and experiential learning. 


Both our  Professional Training Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Courses are accredited with PACFA, and endorsed by the Australian Association of Social Work (AASW) for CPE points.

We are not Higher Education or Registered Training Organisation accredited.

Our Seminars are endorsed by various organisations for Professional Development points.

History of the Metavision Institute


Founded in 2004, the Metavision Institute has grown out of a need in the community for a more holistic approach to counselling, psychotherapy and indeed education. We have been steadily growing since then and now offer a range of courses and seminars that apply those skills to wide and varied uses.