• Holistic Counselling Courses

    Become a Holistic Counsellor & Holistic Psychotherapist with our complete PACFA Accredited holistic counselling course training pathway.

  • Creative & Holistic Psychotherapy Skills for Relationship (Singapore)

    At this 3-day intensive hands-on training, participants will be introduced to the artistry and wisdom of the unconscious and its relationship to consciousness.

  • Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course

    Study Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy with our two-year PACFA Accredited holistic counsellor training program

  • Advanced Clinical Skills

    A series of professional development seminars available as a certificate course


If you seek to improve your life, to change the way you see the world and to evolve, you have come to the right place

Visit our Seminars page to register for our upcoming Seminars on the Male and Female as well as Working on Addictions the 2nd and 3rd of May

The Metavision Institute is a hub for education, where learning about the Holistic Human Being is central.

  • Our flagship course, the Professional Training in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy (PTP) is accredited with PACFA and provides a rewarding pathway to professional practise in the rapidly expanding profession of Counselling and Psychotherapy.
  • Our Holistic Counselling Skills Course (HCS) is suitable for those who want to learn essential counselling and coaching skills. This may be to augment existing work, or for personal reasons for people who may not be inclined towards professional practice. The HCS Course can also be used as an entry pathway to our three year Professional Training Program (PTP), for those with no previous counselling skills.
  • Seminars and workshops are offered regularly as Professional Development for Alumni and other professionals. Many of these seminars are also open to anyone interested in finding out more. We also provide a range of associated and related services including counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and groups.

Basic Counselling Skills Certificate | Counselling Course

Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate

The Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate (HCS) will cultivate and sharpen your individual insights and refine vital communication skills necessary in life--both at work and at home.

You will gain a strong foundation in counselling and coaching, that can lead to professional training or bolster work in any profession where human connections and human values are central to success.

This course is run predominantly online and is perfect for people wanting to study from rural areas and overseas.

The skills gained in our holistic approach can also be used to enhance any professional role, as well as developing emotional intelligence for inter-personal skills. They deliver a high degree of success when dealing with complex human challenges, conflict resolution and psychological welfare.

Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course | Counselling Course

Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Course 

Enrolments closed for 2014 

Our PACFA Accredited, post-graduate professional training is a rigorous course that will give you first class counselling training and industry qualification that can lead you to professional work or private practise.

The training involves a self-development process with a sound spiritual foundation, which grounds students in self-assurance and develops self-awareness. It's highly recommended for people seeking to transform the way they see the world!

Professional Development Seminars

Metavision Seminars

Today, people are asking for an integrated holistic approach to matters of health and well-being. Our seminars allow you to sharpen your skills and gain important Professional Development points along the way.

These seminars have been planned with the developing practitioner in mind. If you would like to add a new Holistic way of working to your expertise then we invite you to take a look at the range of seminars that we have to offer.

Participating in one of our seminars will give you a sample of what it is like to study with the Metavision Institute.


Why study at Metavision?

  • Exceptional holistic framework
  • Lively alumni network
  • Industry accredited path to professional practice
  • Strong peer group support
  • Nurturing environment, attentive teachers and assistants
  • Quality of teaching material and staff
  • Transformative nature of the course