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Welcome to Metavision.

The Metavision Institute is a vibrant community for holistic education; our methods are rooted in conscious and spiritual awareness; while our teachings are geared towards mental wellbeing, our reach extends from healing despair to unleashing the power of human potential.

Study Counselling Online

Holistic Counselling Skills Certificate

6 months

This course will enrich your life by cultivating and sharpening your communication skills from a holistic point of view; necessary both at work and at home.

The HCS can be used as an entry pathway to our three year Professional Training Program (PTP) for those with no previous counselling skills.

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PACFA Accredited Online Counselling Course

Holistic Counselling and
Psychotherapy Course

2 years
PACFA Accredited

This post-graduate professional training program (PTP) is a rigorous first class counselling training and industry qualification for professional work or private practise as a counsellor or psychotherapist.

You will develop an enriched understanding of the subtle relationship between your self and your world. These insights will expand your perspective, ensuring your work will also help others to connect more deeply with themselves and their communities.

Undergraduate Pathway

3 Years
PACFA Requirements Satisfied

Specifically designed for those who do not have the necessary relevant undergraduate degree or work experience to enter at the post-graduate level, or those who choose this pathway to give a more extensive training in counselling and clinical skills than the two year course offers.

This three year course fulfils the requirements of PACFA. On successfully completing the course you would be eligible to become a member of an association under PACFA, obtain indemnity insurance and begin to practice Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Why study at Metavision?

  • Exceptional holistic framework
  • Lively alumni network
  • Industry accredited path to professional practice
  • Strong peer group support
  • Nurturing environment, attentive teachers and assistants
  • Quality of teaching material and staff
  • Transformative nature of the course

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Reflections on the Research Program

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